Hyundai SA set to score big at the Virgin Active Sports Industry Awards

Wednesday 16 February – Tomorrow night will see the who’s who of the sporting world come together to celebrate the Virgin Active Sports Industry Awards at Emperors Palace in Johannesburg. Attended by the likes of Linford Christie, Natalie Du Toit, Ryk Neetling, Oscar Pretorius and Lucas Radebe, the awards will be the first-ever opportunity for the rapidly evolving South African sports market to celebrate its business achievements and will recognise and reward the best the South African sport business has to offer in categories covering marketing, PR, sponsorship, media, advertising and design.

Leading automotive brand, Hyundai is in the running for the Best Integrated Sport Marketing Campaign for their involvement in the FIFA 2010 World Cup South Africa. As official transport partner to FIFA, Hyundai quickly swung into action in 2010 to create an integrated, multifaceted campaign that saw thousands of South Africans across the country being touched by the Hyundai brand.

During the build-up to the tournament, Hyundai’s’ first event was the Official Vehicle Handover Ceremony of a fleet of 66 passenger vehicles and 12 Hyundai Universe luxury coaches used during the FIFA Confederations Cup 2009™ to FIFA and the 2010 FIFA World Cup Organizing Committee South Africa (OC). The success of the event and the media coverage gained ensured that the company began planning the next phase of their World Cup sponsorship communications with a FIFA success already comfortably under their belt.

Creating brand ambassadors – The next phase was the launch and management of the Hyundai Best Young Player Award for the 2010 FIFA World Cup™, hosted together with an international press conference in Cape Town’s ICC. Soccer legend, Jomo Sono, and popular South African celebrity, Elana Afrika, were positioned as ambassadors of the brand and the award, with Afrika signing up to represent Hyundai further in the world cup. Building reputation through top tier media placements.

Next Hyundai successfully tackled the launch of the Hyundai Goodwill Ball Road Show, which saw giant 4m x 4m balls touring the world and South Africa as part of Hyundai’s world cup and customer engagement campaign. During the Hyundai Goodwill Ball Road Show, Hyundai mobilised their extensive media and celebrity network to build awareness of the giant balls, which were not only spreading football fever across the country, but bringing the World Cup to the people of South Africa. After an intensive local and regional campaign, the hard work paid off as South Africans came out in their droves to be part of the action, writing messages of goodwill on the balls. After visiting Parliament and the SABC, the balls’ epic journey ended with a massive celebration in Sandton, just one week before kick-off. Thousands of people took to the streets joining in the street carnival welcoming all 32 balls back to South Africa. The event attracted international media attention from the likes of ESPN, CNN, Eurosport, Brazil TV and Korea TV with local inserts flighting on eTV news, SABC 1, 2 and 3 and SuperSport.

For the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ Hyundai Official Vehicle Handover Ceremony at Soccer City, over R4 million worth of coverage in sports, sponsorship and business publications and broadcast stations was generated within a few hours of the event. During the world cup the Hyundai Public Viewing Areas (PVAs) in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg were leveraged by the team through a targeted media relations campaign. Camera crews from the BBC, Eurosport, K-TV covered the PVAs with regular local media placements in print and radio driving fans to support the PVAs.

Starting conversations online – The entire communications campaign was underpinned by a social media programme engaging Hyundai’s key influencers and a younger target market. The Hyundai Facebook page saw a phenomenal growth with over 568 fans engaging with the brand on a regular basis while traffic on the official Hyundai website went from 75,000 in April to over 100,000 in May and June 2010. The Twitter account also attracted a strong following, building awareness, brand loyalty, advocacy and conversions for the Hyundai brand. Overall R 32million worth of coverage was generated for the Hyundai World Cup sponsorship.

Seen as the most sought after endorsement of commercial achievement in sport, the Virgin Active Sport Industry awards is exactly what the rapidly evolving South African sports market needs. Winners will be announced in the press on Friday 18 February.

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Hyundai SA launches Super Van


(Johannesburg, South Africa) Business users looking for an affordable full-size panel van powered by a big-hitting turbodiesel can call off the search: Hyundai’s H1 is now available with the company’s acclaimed 2,5-litre common rail engine under the bonnet, priced at just R264 900. Key features of this gifted newcomer to Hyundai’s commercial vehicle fleet are:
• Five-year/150 000 km manufacturer’s warranty with roadside assistance plan.
• Cost-busting 5-year/90 000 km service plan.
• Powerful yet refined powerplant with 120 kW/392 Nm outputs and a five-speed manual transmission.
• Rear-wheel-drive layout with a leaf-sprung axle.
• A total luggage volume of four cubic metres, accessible via a sliding door on both sides, as well as a vast rear double-door.
• A 2.4 metre load length and a 1 100 kilogram carrying capacity.
• Microscopic 11.2 metre turning circle.
• Optional air-conditioning (R10 000), and pre-wired for sound.
• High level of safety with dual airbags, ABS with EBD, and seatbelt with pre-tensioners all standard.
• Minimal driver workload thanks to features such as a height-adjustable seat, adjustable steering column, boldly-marked instruments, large glass area, electric windows and generously-proportioned mirrors.
With vans being an important growth segment on the local light commercial vehicle scene thanks to their car-like driving characteristics coupled to a high level of safety and security for the crew and the load being carried, the new H1 turbodiesel panel van is set for success.

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About Hyundai Motor Company
Established in 1967, Hyundai Motor Co. has grown into the Hyundai Motor Group which has ranked as the world’s fifth-largest automaker since 2007 and includes more than two dozen auto-related subsidiaries and affiliates. Hyundai Motor, which has six manufacturing bases outside of South Korea, sold approximately 3.6 million vehicles globally in 2010. Hyundai vehicles are sold in 186 countries through some 5,300 dealerships and showrooms. Further information about Hyundai Motor and its products is available at

About Hyundai Automotive South Africa
Hyundai Automotive South Africa, an entity of the Hyundai Motor Company, was selected as the Global distributor of the Year in 2005 and forms part of the Associated Motor Holdings group locally. Since inception, Hyundai SA has established a network of over 80 dealerships in Southern Africa, including Namibia, Swaziland and Botswana. Hyundai has a wide range of products and have a particularly good name for maintaining high customer service standards. Hyundai is the fastest growing automotive brand in the world, and have developed a strong brand amongst the South African motoring public. Our mission is to grow our brand on a reputation built on integrity; recognisable style, reliability and superior build quality. Further information about Hyundai Automotive South Africa and its products is available at


Hyundai Automotive South Africa has turned their H1 panel van into the ultimate load-lugger with the addition of a turbodiesel derivative to the range, on sale from end-February at a recommended retail price of R264 900, with factory-fitted air-conditioning adding R10 000 to the price. Pricing includes Hyundai’s legendary 5-year/150 000 km warranty and roadside assistance plan, as well as a cost-busting 5-year/90 000 km service plan.

With its reputation already established in the popular H1 nine-seater wagon, the 2,5-litre common-rail unit is now available in this capacious carrier. A 91 mm bore and a 96 mm stroke results in smooth operation from idle to redline, while a 16-valve 4-cylinder and all-aluminium construction confirm it to be of a thoroughly modern design. Headline numbers remain unchanged and on a diet of 500 ppm diesel it produces 120 kW at 3 800 revs/min and 392 Nm at 2 000 revs/min.

A drag coefficient of just 0.34 aids fuel efficiency, the steeply raked bonnet and A-pillars giving it an exceptionally aerodynamic profile. In the real world – as opposed to ideal laboratory conditions which are impossible to replicate – users can expect consumption in the region of 8.5 litres/100 km and emissions of 225 grams of CO2 per kilometre.

A total luggage volume of four cubic metres (that’s four thousand litres, or 20 baths filled to the brim) means fewer trips, and fewer trips mean less time and money spent.

But above all, a workhorse needs to be ‘fit for purpose’ and that’s been top of the design agenda:
• It is rear-wheel-driven, so that when fully laden the wheels that are carrying the load are also providing traction, leaving those at the front free to handle steering duties.
• Sliding doors are fitted on either side so no matter where you’re forced to park, loading and unloading can be carried out conveniently and safely. It also means the interior volume can be more completely utilised, and every nook and cranny filled.
• Minimal wheel arch intrusion means a load measuring 1.25 metres in width can lie against the floor. A sill height of just 550 mm makes for easy loading.
• From the hinged rear doors to the reinforced bulkhead separating the cargo from crew (with a glass upper section to add visibility and enabling the load to be monitored) there’s a 2.4 metre load length.
• The load area features a total of eight beefy lashing points, so that cargo can be securely stowed. And when the sun sets the work can go on, thanks to a powerful interior light above the back doors.
• With leaf-spring rear suspension, the H1 panel van is rated to carry 1 100 kilograms and tow up to 1 500 kilograms.
Safety was another design fundamental and thanks to the semi-bonnet layout, there is space for a substantial front crumple zone. In addition, the H1 has a series of reinforced ‘rings’ aligned with the key body pillars and linked with them across the floor and roof, as well as side impact protection beams in the doors. An all-disc braking system with four-channel ABS and electronic control of the fore/aft distribution of hydraulic pressure ensure maximum retardation even when fully laden. Dual airbags and outer front seatbelts equipped with pre-tensioners are fitted.

With its supportive and height-adjustable seat, adjustable steering column, boldly-marked instruments, large glass area and generously proportioned exterior mirrors and electric windows with auto-down for the driver, the workload of the man – or woman – behind the wheel is minimised; keeping fatigue at bay. So too does the benign handling characteristics and confidence-inspiring road holding, with accurate rack and pinion steering. Adding to its driver appeal is a remarkably agile 11,2 metre turning circle.

Thanks to a bench type passenger seat which adjusts separately from the driver’s, a third crew member can be comfortably accommodated. When the middle seat is vacant its backrest can be folded forward to reveal a moulded storage area with additional cup holders. Oddment space is a strong point generally, and dual glove compartments are complemented by upper and lower door pockets on both sides.

The option list is generous and includes central locking, air conditioning, alarm/immobiliser and a sound system (for which the vehicle is pre-wired) to enable owners to spec the vehicle to suit their exact requirements.

The new turbodiesel panel van is the logical combination of two proven entities from the Hyundai stable: the incredibly torquey yet frugal 2,5-litre powerplant and the generously proportioned and user-friendly H-1 body style. For business users this combination will represent a match made in heaven.

The Fiery Final at the Calabash in South Africa

I’m high up in the stands at Soccer City as a blaze of orange and red sets the stands on fire with excitement and anticipation. Inside the “ring of fire” which encircles the now world-famous Calabash stadium giant African character puppets dance and Spanish, Dutch, South African supporters join contingents from every other nation in warming up their vuvuzelas, a trumpeting sound which for now is synonymous with soccer worldwide.

As I look at the aerial shots from the choppers circling the stadium I feel enormously privileged to be inside the bowl of light, about to experience an event being beamed to billions worldwide first hand. The 2010 FIFA World Cup™ Final sees Netherlands pitting their wits against reigning European champions Spain. Both sides have produced some astonishing  football during their campaigns and have been rewarded with the chance to add their nation’s names to the select list of former winners: Uruguay, Italy, Germany, Brazil, England, Argentina and France.

The stadium lights dim and camera flashes twinkle like millions of stars as jets roar overhead…excitement is building to fever pitch and thousands of performers circle the field as 84 490 spectators shout the countdown.

Thousands of dancers dressed as supporters from all the countries jump to the sounds of Shakira performing This Time for Africa. Spectacular graphics showcase gargantuan images of the World Cup highlights. Then, troops of thousands of Field Band performers reveal the collected flags of the participating nations. The rich sounds of Ladysmith Black Mambazo fill the stadium and an incredible herd of elephant puppets lumber around a large waterhole in the middle of the pitch recreating a spectactular scene from the African savannah.

Performers play giant graphic instruments with their bodies, I have never seen anything like this before. Sophiatown style takes over in an exhuberant explosion that has the stadium roaring. A flag display and then it’s time to say thank you, thank you Africa in every language amidst a joyous cacophany of vuvuzelas.

The biggest surprise of all – living icon Nelson Mandela comes onto the pitch at Soccer City. The crowd is on their feet chanting Madiba! Madiba!

Then pitch preparations start in the build-up to the momentous final. Both teams enter to warm up on the pitch – Holland is known as the Oranje and Spain as La Roja in reference to the colours of their jerseys.  Vincent Del Bosque is the Spanish coach, while Bert van Marwijk holds the reins for Holland. Neither team has ever won a World Cup. Spain are second on the ranking, while the Netherlands are in fourth position.  We’ll see if they’ll be moving up tonight! Either way, Europe take a 10-9 lead over South American teams to win the title tonight.

Italian hottie Fabio Cannevaro is carrying the trophy onto the field in it’s Louis Vuitton case accompanied by a Nubian queen in yellow and black.  He smiles cheekily as he holds it up for the crowds and it gleams in the stadium spotlights.

He leaves and the atmosphere is incredible as the teams emerge for official handshakes and the anthems.

David Villa is spending a bit of time offside as the great clash gets underway. Both sides are hungry for the ball and there is some good work from Pedro, the youngster from Spain.  Holland takes a long shot straight into the arms of the Spanish goalie Cassilas. Some slippery footwork from the Spanish and the Dutch pull off another save.

Spain show their customary talent for retaining the ball and although the Dutch are firm tacklers, two more shots at goal go by for Spain that should be rattling the Oranjes cage. I’m reaching for my earplugs as the Vuvuzela blasts manage to synchronise stadium-wide!

A sliding tackle earns von Persie (Netherlands) the first yellow card of the game. Carlos Puyol (Spain) gets the next one for the same manoeuvre.  Robben (Netherlands) carries the ball across the field at speed, clearly one to watch out for.

More yellow cards are dished out to Bommel (Netherlands) and Ramos (Spain) as the tussle continues. Alonso is down and winded from a solid kick in the chest from de Jong. He has to leave the field. Five yellow cards in the first thirty minutes!

Morgan Freeman, Charlize Theron, the Queen and Crown Prince of Spain and his lovely wife and a royal delegation from Holland are some of the well known faces here at Soccer City tonight.

A remarkable jumping defending block from the Spanish goalie sends players flying, and he’s soon defending his posts again with a solid attack from Holland. 

Back at the other side of the field a 37m penalty kick from Spain is quickly cleared by Holland. Looks like we’re headed for a draw in the hotly contested first half.

Three more yellow cards and several dramatic saves into the second half and the frustration is palpable as both sides come close but fail to score. Even the magic boot of David Villa isn’t penetrating the wall of orange to break this deadlock.

80 minutes of play is over and Spain has had a total of 12 shots at goal to 9 from from the Netherlands, and is dominating possession at 57%. 

Robben is cautioned as he makes a strong attempt on goal and collides with the goalie.  Famous Fabregas (Spain) gets his first run on the pitch as he replaces Alonso in the final minutes. Sneijder takes a silly long shot when he could have sent Robben down the left. That could be a costly wasted opportunity for the Oranjes. The game goes into extra time.

As play continues neither side can break through and the strain starts to tell.  Heitinga is sent off. Torres concedes a free kick after a challenge on van der Wiel, but the Dutch don’t hit home.

Extreme excitement as Spain breaks through the defenders and Iniesta scores in the 116th minute!! Viva Espana! Spanish gees is rocking the stands at Soccer City as they are minutes away from being crowned the new World Champions.

Thank you South Africa for a wonderful, vibrant, astonishing World Cup. We’re so proud!!

Hyundai – we bring the teams, you bring the gees!

Messi meets his match as Germans move Klose to victory

Diego Maradona is looking stressed out tonight as Germany dominates the match at Greenpoint in Cape Town with a goal in the first three minutes!  As play continues, Messi just can’t get his name on the scoresheet while Klose gets closer to becoming the top World Cup scorer of all time. The last time these two teams went head to head was in the quarter finals of the last FIFA World Cup! Germany won that won with 4-2 in penalties after extra time.

Argentina are known at La AlbiCeleste in reference to their blue and white colours, while Germany are Die Nationalelf or National Eleven.

The atmosphere in the stands is electric with celebs Charlize Theron, Mick Jagger and Leonardo di Caprio adding their special brand of glamour and gees to the world class contest on one of the hottest days in Cape Town to date. Wonder whose side they’re on?

The Hyundai Fan of the Match is supporting the winning side at half time as his face appears on the big screens in front of the packed Greenpoint stadium.

Argentina starts the second half in a determined mood, clearly dominating possession.  However, the Germans have really invested in their young players and this is clearly paying dividends now as they run rings where it counts around the Argentinians, who just can’t turn their opportunities into goals. The young team has most of their players in their early twenties and they are muscling out the leaders in world football.  Young German players Thomas Mueller and Mesut Ozil, nicknamed Messi (!)  are also writing their names in the history books as play continues. 

Three yellow cards in the match so far – two to Argentina and 1 to Germany.

The game comes to an end with an incredible 4-0 victory for the young Germans – a day of dreams for Germany and disaster for Argentina.  Argentina had 54% possession and 18 shots on goal to Germany’s 20. What matters though is four goals in the net for Joachim Lowe’s boys, probably one of the most one-sided games in the quarter final of a World Cup. Klose has now scored 14 goals in this World Cup, just one short of Brazilian Ronaldo’s all time record. 

 The Germans will face the winners of the Paraguay Spain match, kicking off at Ellis Park tonight at 20h30.

Black Stars representing Africa at Soccer City

The Black Stars hold the hopes of Africa on their shoulders as they challenge Uruguay –  and the lethal boot of Didier Forlain – in a historic World Cup match at Soccer City. Lucky winners in Joburg Hyundai Park  were whisked to Soccer City in the Fan Van earlier and are overwhelmed to be in all the live action and the crazy noise of the stadium. The Uruguay fans are doing their best to make themselves heard in the stands which are dominated by fans from all the countries of Africa showing their gees for Ghana.  Ghana coach Milan Rajevic said “We’re part of history now, all of us in Ghana, because this is the first time Ghana has reached this level. And if we make it to the the last four teams of the World Cup, it would be the first time for an African nation. What can be more motivating than that?”

After a tough battle in the first half and two very near misses from Ghana, Ghana scores an amazing goal with a fierce strike from Suli Muntari that curls into the net and gets 1 billion Africans off their seats!! The Ghana team jump into their hipshaking celebration dance to the delight of the festive crowd at Soccer City. We’re 45 minutes away from making history if Ghana can maintain their lead.

The crowd is going mad – the scouts have chosen the facepainted fan of the match and he shows is Black Star gees for Africa on the stadium big screen. I’m sure the crowds in the Hyundai Parks in Cape Town, Joburg and Durban are having a rocking Friday night feeling the game on the big screens and winning their Fan of the Fan Park prizes.

Uruguay are known as La Celeste, in reference to their blue shirts. The South American side are pushing hard as the second half gets underway and Uruguay captain Lugano shows his frustration on the sidelines. Ghana are not playing a completely defensive game trying to protect their lead, but are still very much on the attack trying to put the game out of Uruguay’s reach. 

Pantsil is yellow carded for his challenge on Fucile. Forlain takes the kick  – GOAL!!! Kingston couldn’t get anywhere near it as Uruguay levels the scores.  One of the best free kicks of the tournament! Uruguay has had five kicks on goal now against Ghana’s nine, and they’re slightly ahead on possession with 52%.

Gyan takes a great shot on goal, saved by Muslera.  Play continues and Diego Perez (URUGUAY) earns himself the next yellow card of the match.

Uruguay takes another corner, which comes to nothing.  Suarez sees an effort go just off target and Ghana take it back for a chance on Uruguay’s goal. A push from Scotti earns Ghana a free kick, but Gyan’s shot goes wide and high.

There have been 26 free kicks in this game for fouls, and four yellow cards.

Kingson makes a fantastic save, sending a strike from Suarez above the net. It’s anybody’s game as the contest continues and substitutions are made on both sides.  Sarpei (GHANA) is yellow carded and the Ghana team line up to defend against another Forlain kick.

The tussle continues and as the 90 minute whistle blows, there is still no deciding goal for the clash of the Black Stars and La Celeste. We’re up for a nerve-racking 30 minutes of extra time, that may well end up in a penalty shoot-out.

The support for the Black Stars is intense – incredible gees for Africa. 30 minutes of extra time yields no goals and it’s left to a riveting penalty shoot-out to decide on Africa’s dream.

Kick by kick the teams match each other – goal by goal and miss by miss, until finally Uruguay wins with a penalty kick from Abreu. The passionate Ghanain team can’t be consoled after their extreme effort on the pitch ends in defeat.

It’s not the end Africa had hoped for, but congratulations to Ghana on doing their best for Africa and for showing the world that we are a team to be reckoned with. The Black Stars put up a contest that shows that African football is right up there – they’ve played with desire, discipline and true passion.

Uruguay will now go on to meet the Netherlands, and we wait to find out tomorrow who else will make it to the semi-final position.

Hyundai – we bring the teams, you bring the gees!

Ronaldo meets Villa at Greenpoint – Portugal vs Spain

It’s competitive, combative, tough football with neither side making a break as all eyes in Greenpoint are on heroes Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal and David Villa of Spain.  It’s the 22nd match to be a goalless draw at half-time this World Cup, and the third for Portugal. Can they break through?

The stadium noise is off the charts as the acrobatics on the pitch intensify. Ronaldo goes tearing in with another strike – bravely saved by the Spanish goalkeeper. Within seconds it’s back on the other side of the field with a challenge from Spain, foiled again! Fernando Llorente replaces Fernando Torres (Spain), still no goals for the young striker.

The crowd roars with frustration as Villa’s strike narrowly misses. The Spanish are looking more menacing this half, the time is right for an opening goal – and they SCORE!!! David Villa strikes again and the red and yellow supporters erupt as Potugal concedes their first goal of the finals!  The European champions are in the lead again.

Over at the Hyundai Park there is a healthy rivalry in the biggest marquee in Africa as ‘local’ and international supporters from both sides noisily support their nations and heritage. If you can’t be at the games, it’s definitely the only place to be!

75 minutes in and it’s still football pingpong as the ball travels rapidly from one side to the other. Alonso has been booked with the first yellow card of the match.  Villa again hits the gloves of goalkeeper Eduardo with another powerful strike. 

Alonso’s yellow card is followed up by one for Portugal’s Tiago with ten minutes to go. Spain is now dominating possession at a pedestrian pace as Portugal’s World Cup dreans are slipping away.  Eventually Portugal get the ball briefly after about 25 Spanish passes!  Spain would like to kill the contest off with their second goal, but they’re taking their time about it.  Either way, they certainly seem to be heading for the next match against Paraguay at Ellis Park.

Spain take off their goalscoring hero David Villa and send on Pedro for the last few minutes. A brilliant block from Spanish goalkeeper seals Portugal’s fate. In last minute excitement a red card comes out for Portuguese defender Costa in another questionable send-off.   

The final whistle blows and it’s all over for Portugal as super Spain head on to further World Cup glory. Viva España !

Hyundai – we bring the teams, you bring the gees!

Clash of the South Americans – Brazil vs. Chile at Ellis Park


Hyundai Fan of the Match: Brazil vs Chile

Ellis Park is hot, hot, hot with South American spirit tonight as the Chile and Brazil lock horns in an epic clash of the titans. The crowd is dancing to the vuvuzela gees in a sea of colour…green and yellow seem to be dominating and it seems that Bafana Bafana fans are finding a new use for their kit! Brazilian fans are again holding up a giant model of the World Cup trophy, we’ll see if they end up holding up the real one soon!

Both teams are on the attack in a perfectly poised first half of 50/50 possession…until two exciting goals from Brazil tip the score in their favour. A perfectly judged header that blasts its way into the goals just above the goalie’s grasp and below the post sets the crowd alight, and some more brilliant football sees Robinho and Kaka lining up a second unmissable goal, slotted past goalkeeper Bravo by Luis Fabiano.  Fabiano has now scored 8 goals in 9 consecutive matches  in South Africa – he was the top scorer in the FIFA Confederations Cup last year with 5 goals.

Only one yellow card in the match so far as Chile’s Vidal is penalised.

Half time and the Hyundai Fan of the Match is crowned, flashing facepaint and fantastic gees on the big screen for Brazil!

Hyundai again has a group of lucky youngsters at the match, there courtesy of Hyundai’s partnership with NGO Lapdesk as part of their FIFA Ticket Fund initiative. What a match to be at – certainly an unforgettable display of the best in world football at the famous stadium.

The game is on for what promises to be a riveting second half – it’s going to take an early goal from Chile to rattle their opponents! Its Brazil shooting for goal however, before Chile get up and running and start taking more possession in their counterattack. In the last seven matches played against Brazil, Chile have conceded a total of 25 goals.

A stylish shot home from Robinho makes Dunga’s boys look even more unstoppable!! The Chileans are struggling to hold it together and conceding penalties they can’t afford through unnecessary fouls. It seems to be mission impossible at this stage, they’ll need to score 4 goals to get through to the final 8.

Sanchez (Chile) sees a super strike blocked by Brazilian goalkeeper Cesar, so no breach of Brazil’s 3 goal advantage yet. Chile are not giving up, and another strike from Valdivia narrowly misses target. Ramires is yellow carded, his second of the tournament – so he’ll be suspended for the next game, a costly mistake for Brazil.  Yellow cards are only wiped away in the quarter finals in this tournament.

Robinho’s powerful shot on goal is redirected by goalkeeper Bravo, so Brazil is unable to turn the screw further. A tight turn by Chilean player Suazo at the other end of the field is thwarted in turn by alert goalkeeping from Cesar.

Another good technical effort from Suazo, a corner ball caught on the half volley, hits the crossbar. Still no lack of real heart and gees from this Chile team, they’ll be running flat out until the final whistle. ‘They’re playing with real purpose, but are still unable to pierce the Brazilian armour.

Kelberson replaces Kaka, who gets high fives all along the line as he leaves after a job well done!

The Chile supporters have been great value at this tournament, but they’re now looking a little downcast with three minutes left. While Brazil is a formidable opponent, many really would have been hoping for a little upset in this unpredictable World Cup.

The Brazilian fans are bringing the gees as their drums pound along with the Vuvuzelas – seconds remain as Chile’s World Cup campaign draws to an end.  The large and noisy crowd have seen a confident side of the world’s best show off what they’re made of.  The Brazilian team bounces up in unison as the final whistle blows, and the emotion is clear in an exhausted Chilean side who certainly fought hard.

As we head off to the efficient Ellis Park park and ride busses with the happy Brazil fans, we warm ourselves with the thought that the prospect of Brazil in the final clash on July 11th is becoming an excitingly real possibility.

Hyundai – we bring the teams, you bring the gees!